Wellbeing at Work – our theme series


To kick off our little talk series on Wellbeing at Work, which we are hosting together with our partners Steelcase and Realace, we were at B-Part in Gleisdreick Park. “Mr. Co-Working” Ansgar Oberholz, was there, Prof. Ute Schneider from the renowned architecture firm KCAP, Daniel Bormann from our partner Realace, Kim Le Roux from the young, innovative Berlin office LXSY and Fabian Mottl from our partner Steelcase came from Zurich.

The topic that is currently troubling many:

Website, reception, secretary (m,w,d) – is enough!
Do companies still need places? If so, which ones?

The next appointment will be about indoor certificates – even more directly about Wellbeing at Work. After all, if people do not feel comfortable in their workplace in a comprehensive sense, they will avoid the office. The measures are alle there.