Press conference for the presentation of WIEWEIL


Press conference for the presentation of WIEWEIL, our common good project with WBM. Two years ago, the Swiss foundation Abendrot (foundation founder Dr. Stauffer 2nd from left) granted a long-term leasehold to our joint project company. Senator Scheel (3rd from left) and Baustadtrat Florian Schmidt (2nd from right) were full of praise. Schmidt said, “It is a key and lighthouse project of the district.” With Wieweil, a place of knowledge and lifelong learning is being created, where not only students and trainees will be able to live affordably, but also for a significant part of the commercial space the rents will be well below market in various levels. elevision, radio, and newspapers are reporting extensively. Indeed, extra praise was received for our CEO Jürgen Kilian from the Berliner Morgenpost.

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